Michael & Jeanny – Bali Wedding – Noah Chapel Jimbaran Bali

Noah Chapel Bali Wedding offer beautiful chapel formed like a ship which reflection of long adventure of new wedding couple for future house family. Noah Chapel Bali Wedding can accommodate for 30 guest  sitting and  40 guest standing.

Noah Chapel Bali Wedding is a splendid villa complex with a highlight of a ship building. Inspired by the wonderful biblical journey of Noah with his ark, an architectural ark building stands tall right in the middle of the villas. The savior Noah’s ark is a hope for the lost world, an enlightenment that will bring all living things to embark on a spiritual journey for an eternal happiness.

Not forgetting the other elements of the story is the nature itself, which is why Noah Chapel Bali Wedding’s landscape is filled with gracious fish within the small ponds available throughout the villa. Surrounding the villa you can hear the waters from the many small lagoons and waterfalls. Endless and fertile grass lives in harmony with the water, soil and air elements of Noah Chapel Bali Wedding.

This philosophical inspiration brings about the greatness of marriage as a spiritual journey between two hearts becomes one to gain victory together in Bali. Noah Chapel Bali Wedding , a spiritual retreat in Bali with a great Noah’s ark building hosting an exquisite chapel with a view over the ocean and sky of South Bali. Noah Chapel Bali Wedding is more than just villa, it is an overall function of celebration and restoration, a true functional venue.

A moment that will last forever, wedding is a sacred path to eternal love. There is no better way to exchange vows and cherish the unforgettable wedding moment in Bali others than at Noah Chapel Bali Wedding, a true symbol of spiritual history that will make your love stories embraced through time.

With minimalist yet elegant design, Noah Chapel Bali Wedding in Bali is designed to take your breath away by the time you arrive on top with the infinite scenery of Jimbaran Bays and foliage. As the background music takes you to a more intimate stage further down the aisle and closer to your loved ones, the natural lights coming through the transparent glasses of Noah Chapel Bali Wedding will cascade your memories into a romantic wedding in Bali’s history.


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