Kresna & Ayu – Bali Wedding – Hongkong Garden Restaurant Bali

Hongkong Garden Restaurant, carrying the concept of a Chinese and seafood restaurant. Has a spacious room that is suitable for various events or parties. This place is usually used by people to hold wedding reception or meeting, or big event. I thought their food wasn’t good as I expected. But I was wrong, food was nice, and so was the atmosphere. It is very recommended if you want to celebrate any special event here.

For the wedding reception venue is still a favorite with a large hall and a large parking area, good food and modern lighting, cool decoration, very memorable for the reception here. Several time came to this restaurant and all for wedding party. This restaurant is huge and could be arranged with many various decoration, could be indoor or outdoor party. They also have huge parking area.For the food is depend what kind of the menu eaten, some food are delicious but some are average. It’s very hard to find a big restaurant with good food in Bali. This restaurant is very good choice if you want to have large party.Very large parking area with many food selections From low budget to high budget.


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