Hari & Venny – Bali Pre Wedding – Tamblingan Lake . Botanical Garden . Savana Tianyar

There are many romantic places to choose from if you want to do a pre wedding photo session in Bali. One of the romantic tourist destinations that you can choose is to do a pre wedding photo session at Lake Tamblingan Bedugul. This lake is a popular tourist destination which is often referred to as the twin lakes along with Buyan Lake.You can find the romantic atmosphere of Tamblingan Lake at various points. You can enjoy the beautiful view from the lakeside. In addition, couples who want to hold a pre wedding photo session at Lake Tamblingan also often choose to explore the lake by boat.When you hold a pre wedding photo session at Tamblingan Lake, you will feel a magical impression. Here, you can find a floating stage that can be used as a photo location. The magical atmosphere is increasingly felt when you find a thin mist covering the surface of the lake.Not only that, you can also feel a romantic impression if you choose a pre wedding photo session at Tamblingan Lake. In camera shots, you will be seen in an unfamiliar territory with beautiful scenery.

Bali Bedugul Botanical Garden is located in at Bedugul village, Baturiti district,Tabanan regency. Bali botanical garden is unique in Bali as a place for botanical research, conservations, recreation, and educations, it provide a place where you can relax in beautiful an peaceful surrounds while learning about the function of plants in the daily life of Balinese as well as some interesting rain forest plantations and birdlife.Bali Botanical Garden is officialy known as a Kebun Raya Eka Karya Bali. Eka Karya refers to this being the first Botanic Garden which has been established following indonesian independence and thus to first to have been established entirely by Indonesian. Within Bali Botanical Garden you can see many places of interest such as : Orchid, Traditional Balinese House, Fern Park, Ceremonial Plants Collection, Medical Plants Collection, Tree Collection, Rose Park, Catus and Hindu Temple.

Savana Tianyar Bali – Karangasem Regency Bali is so famous for its amazing natural beauty. Starting from Mount Agung, Mount Batur, Lake Batur, and many more tours in this district. This time we will discuss one of the tours that has begun to be crowded with tourists when visiting Bali. The nature tourism is the Savana Tianyar Karangasem. The Tianyar savanna is a vast expanse of grassland and is very stunning. The meadows are yellowish in the dry season and green during the rainy season, making this place so beautiful to visit. You will feel the sensation of a savanna like in Africa. So if you visit the island of Bali, you can try visiting this savanna to feel a different sensation when on vacation to Bali. The beautiful view of the savanna with the background of Mount Agung, makes tourists really like to take pictures here. Many visitors also come to do photoshoots such as pre-wedding photos. This nature tour is so instagramable no matter when the expanse of the meadow is yellow or green, so make sure when you visit, you use your best ootd while in this beautiful savanna to get good photos.


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